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EAGLE Modification Action Plan (EMAP)

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Historically, major commands and weapons system program managers have used complex, labor intensive, manual processes to plan, coordinate and consolidate aircraft modification and repair schedules. The web based Eagle Modification Action Plan (EMAP) Software now provides a single electronic tool set to automate, expedite, simplify, facilitate and report on this increasingly complex planning process. With the many demanding and sometimes conflicting aircraft and program requirements building executable and a cost effective depot maintenance, modification and repair schedules has become a major challenge. EMAP is the dynamic cost effective software tool that greatly simplifies the complex task of total life cycle management.

Description and capabilities

EMAP is a proven, secure, Web application that provides planned and actual aircraft inventory, PDM, AMARG, modification and depot repair program information for global USAF decision-makers, support staff, field units and selected contractors.

EMAP provides a simple integrated way to:

  • Perform Modification planning, schedule depot and contractor modification teams, do PDM planning and scheduling, have complete aircraft inventory management, TCTO, configuration management, modification and repair tracking.
  • Build a meaningful master plan for a weapons system. EMAP provides easy visibility for grouping and bundling: modifications, PDM and repairs, aircraft transfers, retirements and integrated deployment, exercise and contingency schedules into an executable plan.
  • Manage your retired AMARG fleet to the tail number, parts and components level.
  • Communicate and coordinate. All EMAP users, Air Staff to flight line plan, manage and report from the same real time, web based, "sheet of music".
  • Reports. EMAP provides easy access to over 50 user designed Excel® reports and briefing charts.

EMAP graduated security allows job based, need to know, access to information. EMAP is a web based, Air Force Portal accessible and PKI Level Three compliant system.

EMAP is generating substantial savings through better planning and execution. Specifically, reduced aircraft down time and installation costs; improved communication and coordination; reduced TDY cost; maximized use of depot and contractor resources; and standardization of aircraft configurations.

EMAP has successfully supported the fleet management goals of the global F-15 community has since 2003. Our broad user base grows daily.

Integrated weapons system planning, using EMAP, helps overcome geographic and time barriers and provides substantial cost reductions. EMAP maximizes human, facilities and financial resources to dramatically reduce aircraft downtime. EMAP is Air Combat Command’s standard system for F-15 fleet management.