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Welcome to Lexes Associates, Inc., a small company with unique capabilities and an outstanding track record of accomplishment. Among its achievements, Lexes is the developer of two of the most innovative aircraft support software systems in the DOD today, providing exceptional program management capabilities and cost avoidance for many of our military aircraft programs. The strength of our software development teams has been the key to our success in exceeding customer expectations. These teams combine our unique blend of aircraft technical and program management expertise with the exceptional design skills of system software developers.

Lexes is much more than a software developer. We also provide highly skilled and experienced personnel with expertise in Intelligence, Logistics, Aircraft Program, Modifications and Tooling Reutilization Management to support both classified and unclassified military programs. Our CFO consultation and financial management capabilities for companies involved in either the Government or commercial sectors is second to none.

Please browse our site to learn what a small company has done, and what we may be able to do for you! New personnel additions with the right qualifications and attitude are always welcome. Please see our Employment Opportunities page.

What We Do

Lexes is a group of highly experienced aerospace and information technology professionals who combine their skills to produce software solutions for a wide range of logistical and technical challenges. Additionally, Lexes, has a proven record of placing high achieving intelligence specialists in a range of classified positions.

System Development One of our principal capabilities is the development of key Information Systems to facilitate support of DOD aircraft programs, such as:


eTIMS™- (The Electronic Tooling Inventory Management System) is a Lexes developed application that provides weapons system managers much needed, cost effective assistance with production line shutdown decisions, production tooling inventory and reutilization management.


EMAP™/FSS™ The Eagle Modification Action Plan (EMAP) and Fleet Scheduling Tool (FSS) are a fleet management system that provides weapons system managers with a wide range of scheduling, planning and management tools that support all phases of weapons system life from acquisition, throughout its operational life, to eventual demilitarization and destruction.




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